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Lisa is an absolute super-star teacher. She has a unique talent connecting with young students and empowering them with 21st century skills through her innovative classes. Lisa is a caring teacher who always has her students' development in mind and leads incredibly fun classes. Lisa is the best!

You are the best teacher in the whole wide world.  I love Little Leaders Club.  I am sad this is the last day but this was the best dress up party and best night ever. ~ Sofia, Student, Online Little Leaders Club

You are so fun Ms. Lisa. You are the best! ~ Jacqueline, Student, Online Little Leaders Club

Ms. Lisa is amazing and my girls absolutely adore her and so do me and my husband. Ms. Lisa taught our girls religion for 2 years and leadership skills in through the "Fun Being Me" summer camp program. I highly recommend Ms. Lisa and we are very grateful for all that she has taught our triplet girls! We are looking forward to next summer's program, the girls can't wait! Trust us, you will not be disappointed in any of the programs that she teaches because she truly ROCKS!!!

I had fun in Little Leaders Club. I learned sharing, caring, helpfulness.  And had fun!"  ~ Georgia, Student, Online Little Leaders Club

Lisa is a terrific teacher! Last summer, my 11-years-old son attended the "Fun Being Me" summer program. Every day he was so happy thanks to all the activities that Lisa amazingly organized and managed. Her daily reports were really enjoyable and all the videos of the summer camp were memorable! We as a family appreciated her environment of enthusiasm for making kids learn, grow, and play all together. In "Fun Being me", my son had a lot of fun. He told us "Lisa is teaching me so many things and I'm very glad for how she is super-nice with me!" We look forward to seeing her next year.

As my son's religious education teacher, Lisa was always to attentive and patient with my child who has special needs. She is an intuitive educator who genuinely loves what she does and teaches with her whole heart.

What a terrific video! It really brought to life what the class has been like. I love how the students were so proud... So inspiring. A wonderful class. Thank you for adding this dimension to our semester. I'm sure that the lessons our daughter learned will stay with her. A very creative class."

My two son attended Lisa's camp over the summer. Lisa prepared individual and class videos of the camp highlights and both videos were OUTSTANDING!! They were so much fun to watch and I really enjoyed seeing my boys interact with each other as well as with the other children. Their grandparents really got a kick out of the videos too!! I am definitely happy they attended this past summer and hope to do it again!

My daughter Emilia attended summer camp with Lisa and had such a great time ! Not only that, she became aware of many good things she had in her that made her an everyday hero and to this day she remembers her group and all the activities with a grin in her face. I am signing up both my girls next time!

We want to thank you for your informative, constructive, and motivating workshop. It was wonderful witnessing the before and after with the students, and how they became more confident at the end of the workshop.

You're amazing & we appreciate all that you've done for our girls! Thank you for being such a positive role model in their lives.

As my son's religious education teacher, Lisa was always to attentive and patient with my child who has special needs. She is an intuitive educator who genuinely loves what she does and teaches with her whole heart.

Thank you so much for all that you did for our children and all that you have imparted to them ...We are truly thankful. Again, thank you!

I would recommend The Little Leader's Club to anyone looking for a way to instill leadership qualities in their child. It is a fun, interactive way for children to have some socializing all while learning great leadership skills, doing crafts, and working together as a team on group projects. Thanks, Lisa. 

Our son really enjoyed class and was always ready to go and learn new things… To see him so eager to go to class every week was encouraging.  I think it all comes down to the Teacher and teaching style, so for that I am very grateful to you.


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